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Contact centres have become the life-blood of virtually all Canadian business sectors. They create a multi-channel communication platform that companies use to directly reach their client base and other stakeholders such as suppliers. The success of Canadian contact centres, and by extension, the Canadian economy, is therefore very dependent on the work done by contact centre staff.

As an organization, our primary goal is facilitating the growth of the contact centre industry by supporting the interests and welfare of contact centre staff. It is a long-accepted fact that the success of any business is inextricably linked to the motivation and satisfaction enjoyed by its employees. Therefore, promoting the interests and welfare of contact centre employees is promoting the interests and welfare of the industry at large.

The Function of Contact Centres in the Economy

Thanks to technological advancements in the field of communication, especially the widespread adoption of the internet, consumers expect a higher level of engagement from the brands that they support. Contact centres provide the tools and underlying infrastructure to connect businesses, their clients, and other external stakeholders.

They create a multi-channel platform that includes telephones, email support; SMS chat lines, and even automated response systems to support client and stakeholder engagement. This engagement drives demand for Canadian businesses, boosting the country’s overall competitiveness on the global economy.

Our Role: Industry and Employee Welfare

Understanding the importance of contact centres to the economy highlights the need for our organization. Our role is to promote the continued growth and success of the contact centre industry by representing the interests of its workers. One of the ways we do this is by facilitating their skill development by advocating for training courses that equip them for success in the industry. We also work with industry players to create favourable working conditions for contact centre employees. By making contact centres preferred employers, we guarantee the industry’s long-term success.